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Feb 11, 2021
Hello, I am considering a new-used car purchase. Initially was looking at TDI, but have become enamored with the etron. I frequently have to do a 800 mile slog, and was looking for best possible MPG. Any etron owners that have experience with MPG on longer drives?
Hi, I have a 2018 with 55,000 km on it. About 20,000 km were due to two cross Canada trips. On both trips I averaged ~5.5 l/100km. Details for the first trip are summarized in this post viewtopic.php?f=3&t=540. My car continues to perform perfectly both around the city and out in the country.
It's a very comfortable and quiet vehicle, which is great for long drives, but I can second the 40 mpg for long trips. I would expect a TDI to get better efficiency. The A3 etron is great for short trips (< 25 miles). Only other phevs and evs can beat it. Hope this helps.
I had a TDI and sold it back to VW and got the e-tron. I love the e-tron, but on long trips I've never come close to my mpg that my TDI got. My wife also has a TDI and she had hers "fixed" by VW instead of selling it back, and even now, it still beats my e-tron by 5-7 mpg.

Where my e-tron kills the TDI is around town, due to the battery. I drive around town most of the time and charge at home, and I'll go 2-3 months (or sometimes longer due to working from home) between fill ups.

I like driving my e-tron on long trips, but just accept that it will cost me a little more in fuel. I drive like a bat outta hell and get ~35mpg. My TDI got close to 40. My wife gets close to 45mpg.
Absolutely a great car for the highway - I especially like mine with the sport package. I’d usually get 36-38 hwy with some hills. But I usually throw racks and a box on top now - reduces by about 2-3 mpg.
I use mine mostly for shorter trips. It has a 10 gallon fuel tank. I also have a Q5 TDI with a 20 gallon tank and can do about 35 or so mpgs on long trips... About 700+ miles between fill ups... No contest in my mind... However if you only do 2 long trips a year and the rest are short trips, I would pick the e-tron.