Energy needs to maintain battery temp while charging

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Jan 25, 2016
(I couldn't find this elsewhere posted...)

My understanding for all EVs is the batteries need to be held at a comfortable temperature. Not sure the range but I imagine freezing is not welcome.

Does Audi publish:
- What kind of active temperature control is done during charging?
- What temperature range is targeted?
- What kind of energy draw this may cause, say when the battery is fully charged?
Nothing official, but it has been reported that (at least in some countries) the A3 e-tron:

- Will not allow EV mode under -10 celsius
- Will not even start if not plugged under -38 celsius

Also, from the canadian manual, p.99:

My comprehension: The battery is rated to be in car parked between -25 and +48 celsius. (-13F/118F). It should warm up if the vehicule is used. I would guess it will not cool down on itself...
I've had my etron around 1 month now,and noticed a difference in range during nominal temperature changes.

Temperature: 60F /16C - 82F/28C ,the range post a full charge can differ much as 5 miles/ 8km. It's a lot for a "25 mile/40km" PHEV. My best post charge range to date: 28miles/46km at 20C/ 68F . Voltage of the charge doesn't seem to matter because I think the best range came from a 240V. Whereas other 240V haven't resulted in nearly the same range,usually about 5 miles/8km less at temperatures around 7C / 44F higher than the temperature that resulted in the best range: 68F/20C.

This makes no sense to me as the 7C/44F temperature difference is not "extreme"when you compare the best, and lesser range achieved.