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Jul 12, 2014
I recently attempted to charge my e-tron at the Ecotricity AC Fast Charge pump.

Unfortunately the e-tron would not charge despite the Charge pump displaying “Charging” and “Charge mode: Standard”, while the e-tron charge LED on the charging port was a steady yellow colour, indicating the charging cable was connected but no mains power detected.

I was later able to charge the e-tron at home using both a 10A domestic feed as well as a 32A type-2 socket working at 16A rate.

Having questioned this with Ecotricity, I received a prompt reply to my email from Ecotricity's Customer Support as follows:

The Audi E-Tron isn’t directly compatible with our 50 Kw rapid chargers using the AC rapid charging ability.

The manufacturers design of the vehicle is such that it wasn’t designed to be compatible for rapid charging which is why you’ve experienced problems trying to connect to our rapid charge points. The software in the vehicle simply isn’t designed to communicate and accept rapid chargers from charge points such as ours.

Your vehicle can obtain a charge on our medium 22Kw chargers where the lower rate of charge will be compatible with your vehicle and you would be able to charge. Currently we’re expanding our electric highway network and planning to install more charge points at established sites and at new sites where there is no charging available. As part of this expansion programme we don’t plan to install any more medium 22kw chargers on our network and our focus is on chargers that can charge pure electric vehicles rapidly.

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