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Apr 16, 2015
The same as posted on the Facebook page and to spread the desire for this vehicle.

Glad to see some community forming. New here but eagerly awaiting the North American release of the vehicle. A quick background to understand my eagerness. Had been driving an E90 M3, but back in 2012, I picked up a Chevy Volt to limit the miles on my M3. My office is 5 miles from my home so the EV range on the Volt worked fine for me.

I had planned on getting the next generation Volt. However, since installing a Level 2 charger at home and at my office, the A3 e-tron works fine for me. EV range is not an issue for most days and when traveling, I would far exceed the EV range of either requiring the use of fuel.

Granted, the next gen Volt has greater EV range, the Audi seems to have a better interior and performance. The balance I am looking for. Having had a B5 S4, it will be nice to get back into an Audi. As long as they start providing more information on availability and pricing.