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Jan 22, 2015
Just curious about those having already placed an order, could you elaborate the reason why you picked the e-tron over the Golf GTE or vice-versa?
I have a preference for the e-tron over the GTE, mainly because I have more possibilities to configure it (i don't like the 17" wheelset of the Golf), more interior trims (I like the chestnut leather trim). I'm not to keen on the blue braking calipers of te GTE either. On the other hand, SatNav screen of Golf seems better, the Golf is slightly lighter,.. Jury is still out. So how did you decide?
A big deciding factor for me is availability - I'm in North America, and so far the GTE is not-necessarily-arriving, while the e-Tron is coming later this year.

For the UK, I think the GTE is already available? And from the sounds of it on this forum, the e-Tron has some production/delay issues and only a couple have been delivered yet!
For me (in the UK) it is about availability. When I ordered the A3 e-tron in September the Golf GTE wasn't available yet. Think it is only available for order since last week or so. I like the looks of the Golf GTE, especially the standard 18" wheels (in the UK). Just having looked at the configurator on volkswagen.co.uk , I agree there are less options to chose from. E.g. no other wheel options than the standard 18". Paint is only in shades of grey and blue. And the seats are cloth or leather, no choice of colour.

Comparing them on a like for like basis:
The Golf GTE is £2000 less expensive, but doesn't come with the upgraded sat-nav system as standard. This is a £1765 (!) option. Dynamic Chassis Control is a £815 option. Is this the same as Audi Drive Select on the e-tron?