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Jun 8, 2016
I've been driving my 16' e-tron premium plus for daily commute almost 20 months, with 21k miles on it now. Overall driving experience is awesome, fun & efficient.

I got a question since day 1 after charging the battery. So the e-tron has 8.8kw battery, but I've never seen it can take in more than 7.5kw, usually 7.1kw in my first few months. I know 15-20% needs to be reserved for Sport mode or assist after a fully stop or boost power. Onboard computer shows about 27-28 EV range with a fully charged, one time it shows 31 miles, I was surprised!

During the course of 20 months, I notice it takes less kw on a fully charged, now only 6.5kw or less. Data based on fully depleted situations(automatically switch from EV/Hybrid to Hold during driving or shows no EV driving allowed). However, the onboard computer still shows about 27 EV range after charged. I do notice that the range drops in real driving, but I don't have an exact number since every day driving condition is slightly different.

I use chargepoint at my work place and I can keep track of it. My commute has a mixed of City 20% / Hwy 80%.

I just want to share my experience and see if other folks have similar issues. Maybe after 3 years, it can only take in 5kw.

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