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Apr 16, 2020
When my gasoline engine is running I can easily feel the DSG transmission shifting. However, when I am in EV I cannot. Does anyone know if the DSG operates differently when in EV mode? I used to own a Chevy Volt and it only has a one-speed transmission. That's what my e-Tron feels like when it's in EV mode.
Yes it is something i have also explained in my videos.
The DSG operates in a different way depending on driving style and modes used (don't know why).
Worst is in manual with ICE where i am feeling a shock sometimes.
yeah, incredible how jerky the DSG feels like

and it's not even that fast when it has to

I don't understand why they need al the 6 gears when in EV mode. A electric motor can rev up way higher than ICE.
I also have a Ampera that uses only 1 gear all the way to 170km/h
i almost always feel the 1-2 shift when starting and driving the car for the first time in a day. we have it set so it starts in EV mode and I've always presumed it shifts hard 1-2 because its cold.
In my 2017 I occasionally feel the shifting in EV mode. When I put to manual is see the gear numbers change but only feel an upshift. When I down shift in manual EV, though the number changes, I don't feel any difference.

However, overall I'm pleased with the DSG shifting in ICE mode.
Those who have issues, have you had the transmission oil changed at 40K miles?