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Oct 22, 2019
My A3 e-tron is a 2016 with 42k miles. I've been getting a message similar to this recently, but my car has gone into gas only mode. I made an appointment but there was a 2 month wait time. I've been driving around in my car while I waited for my appointment. I was visiting my parents and it won't go into gas only mode. I'm not able to drive my car. I'm stranded here. I call the Audi dealership and they said they can't take my car since they're so busy and I would have to wait for my appointment.



Is there anything I can do to put my car into gas only mode so that I can go home at least?
I've had it at the dealer for almost two weeks since I had it towed there. Audi's roadside assistance charged me $264, btw. I've been calling for an update and finally got today. They said Audi of Germany wants the dealer to put in a new battery (not drive battery) before authorizing a drive battery replacement. The dealer is charging me $518 for the new battery. They explained that the cost is from the labor involved in replacing it.
Here is the latest update:

CAR BATTERY DEAD CHARGE PUT JUMPER PACK ON ENGINE STILL DOESN'T CRANK AND MULTIPLE LIGHT ON INSTRUMENT CLUSTER ON - TEST ENGINE CAR BATTERY WITH GRX3000 BATTERY FAILED TEST RECOMMEND TO REPLACE CAR BATTERY THEN RE EVALUATE - REPLACE ENGINE CAR BATTERY - HOOK UP SCANNER PERFORM GUIDED FAULT FINDINGS MULTIPLE CODES ENGINE STILL WONT START CALL TAC CASE #BB-880978 TECH STATED HV system not charging- multiple codes for low voltage - test plan stated to replace JX1 (voltage converter A19 has an electrical malfunction) - is there anything else i should be checking for-Please charge or replace the 12v battery as necessary, clear the DTCs and reevaluate. If concerns are still present please attach all MVBs from the C6 and the 8C modules and perform the battery classification test plan, save results as a PDF file and attach for review- Advised tech to get all MVB's from the C6 and 8C modules, be sure to select option 1 select all mvb's yourself, perform the HV battery classification test plan and the HV battery capacity test plan if applicable. Once the classification test plan is completed please fill out, print and attach screen shots of each of t he 6 pages, or complete, and attach as a PDF whichever is easier for you. TECH PERFORM MVB BLOCK FROM C6 AND 8C ALSO PERFORM CLASSIFICATION TEST PLAN SEND INFO TO TAC - TAC STATED When you try to start the engine, are there any lights or messages that display in the cluster? TECH STATES FAULT MESSAGES COMES UP IN CLUSTER-in order -DRIVE SYSTEM FAULT- STABILIZATION ION CONTROL ESC MALFUNCTION-HILL HOLD ASSIST UNAVAILABLE -PRE SENSE SYSTEM FAULT -TIRE PRESSURE SYSTEM MALFUNCTION- MAX ENGINE SPEED 4000RPM- BRAKE SERVO LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY- tac stated -Please run the test plan for P0B5F00: Hybrid/EV Battery Voltage Sense "H" Circuit that is stored static in the 8C. Follow the ODIS recommended repair. tech disconnected HIGH VOLTAGE MAINTENANCE CONNECTOR TW OVER THE WEEKEND reconnected HIGH VOLTAGE MAINTENANCE CONNECTOR TW CLEAR ALL CODES AND CAR STARTED - CHARGE E-TRON BATTERY OVER NIGHT ROAD TEST CAR PERFORM GUIDED FAULT FINDING NO CODES CAR VEHICLE WORKING TO MANUFACTURES SPECIFICATION

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