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New member
Jun 20, 2020
Hello, im new with E-tron a3 some things i still dont understand, if you can help me solve will be great. 3 weeks ago when i end my trip turn off my engin its showing me how many miles i did in Electrin and Petrol calculation and today i dont know showing me smth like https://imgur.com/a/j2dl78K?desktop=1

Help me please how can i turn on this :(
That screen display comes up every time you turn off the car. To find out your EV vs Petrol miles scroll to the "Long Term" statistics in your dash display using the left side roller on steering wheel.
Arijan2K":9dku2ygs said:
But as you can see its not showing me anymore.. just nothing what i did wrong?

Hi. after changing a function of my 2016 Audi e-tron, the functions - charge & e-tron mode and e-tron statistics no longer appear on the mmi screen. does anyone know how to reset?