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Aug 5, 2016
I'm looking to install an 240 amp outlet in my Garage for the Audi Charger. I've had quotes from $700-$2,000. One contractor even stated I need to install a interlocked ventilation system in my garage. Has anyone come across this? Also, any thoughts on the quotes I've received??
I'm in Québec in the Ottawa region. My electrician installated a 40A circuit for $450, including labor and parts. I'm using a non Audi charging station since the Québec government is subsidizing the purchase and installation. As for the ventilation system, my charging station installation instructions did mention that certain cars requires it. I've ask my dealer and they said that they were not told by Audi that one was required, in fact their delivery bay did not have one and my car was charging when I took delivery. I have also checked the owner manual warning sections and did not see any thing about this, I've being charging my etron in my garage since November without any issues.
I'm in BC and paid $500 for the Electrician to install (with materials) a 240V line. I then purchased an Evo Charge EVSE 30 Amp plug in unit so I could carry the Audi charger for use at work. Everything has worked out a treat, I haven't had to use gas in the six weeks I've had the car. I should note that the cost can vary somewhat dependent on the length of the cable run from your box to the garage.

As mentioned above, I've not heard or read anything about a ventilation system. Could it be something that is required in ON only, as part of their code requirements?

Good luck!
Cost of parts for my NEMA 6-50 garage outlet was about $100. My main panel is close to the garage though. Add markup and half a day of labour and your quote sounds like it's in the ballpark. I'm in the greater Kitchener area.

I would think that only EV's with lead-acid batteries would need ventilation. The lithium-ion batteries in the E-tron are sealed and have a dedicated cooling system that runs off the charger. I think lots of Canadians end up charging in their garages.
In Houston, I paid a local electrician $180 (cash) to install my NEMA 6/50 outlet. Our main power panel is on the back of our garage, so the run was about 10 feet max to go up and around. Took him about 30 minutes total and this included the parts. I know enough about the work and codes to know that it was done correctly. I priced the parts at around $75 if I bought them (and he likely got a discount), so he was paid ~$200/hour rate, which isn't too bad. I was prepared to pay maybe up to $500, though I thought ~$300 was about right.

I previously called the company that did a bunch of wiring to our house (~$10k worth) and they quoted $1600 for the installation. They said they could do it for $1100 if I didn't want a "warranty".
I said that's what the code is for. I bit my tongue, thanked them and said I'd call them if I needed something. They're still waiting for me to call. ;)

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