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Dec 31, 2015
Wondering if anyone has insight on charging outdoors in the rain. I am able to keep the charging box itself in the garage and run the wire under the garage door and into my E-from which is parked in the driveway. But due to El Niño, rain will be pretty intense this winter, any issues leaving it charging overnight in the rain?
For what it's worth, the dealer told me the box itself was weatherproof. (I know, it sleeps inside anyway...)

As to the rain, the wikipedia page for J1772 tells:

"The J1772 standard includes several levels of shock protection, ensuring the safety of charging even in wet conditions"

Maybe you could install this as well: and never have to open the charging port again!
Sounds great thanks!

Any knowledge on extending my washer/dryer outlet to charge? I rent, so I don't want to install another outlet but the washer/dryer hookup is also in the garage, probably 20ft from the car. I assume I'd need a splitter and an extension cord, but not sure how to do that or if it's possible with that type of outlet.
I am not an electrician but....

In a perfect world, you will need an additional circuit in your electrical panel, with additionnal breakers feeding a new nema connector near the car. That is what I intend to do within my own garage.

If you split in the existing nema box behind the dryer, and use both the dryer and the car charger at the same time, you will set off breakers or blow fuses.
I also extend the lead of my tethered charger under my garage door to charge sometimes and yes, I charge in all weather and overnight on occasion. I have always assumed that the Type 2 (Mennekes IEC 62196-2 Standard) connector used was suitable for charging outdoors in whatever weather. I have never had a problem with water ingress.