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New member
Sep 17, 2016
My eTron is 3 mos old. For the first 45 days, charging on a 220v, full charge showed and 31 mi listed. Now, same charger, same outside temp, only getting 25-27mi with full charge showing. Any thoughts on this please?
Hope you are enjoying your new e-tron @laska. I would not pay too much attention to the estimated mileage indication as it will vary considerably throughout its lifetime. I've owned mine for over 20 months now and despite driving the same types of journeys most of the time, my indicator has alternated between the low teens and the low thirties. It is always a surprise to find out what the latest value will be!
There's a reason it's called the "Guess-o-meter". :)
I believe it just estimates based on your recent ranges. Weather and driving style will change it. Interesting that charging voltage has an effect. I wouldn't have thought that.