Charge port door won’t open

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Aug 8, 2017
After a short trip the charge port door won’t open. I turn the latch and I hear a release-like sound but it won’t pop out, even with help, encouragement or WD40. Time to call service I guess.
I dont mean to be a jerk, but your sure the car is unlocked? Because the charge port wont open when the vehicle is locked.

Thank you so much, Lang. I don’t know how it locked while I was walking around to the front (keys jostling in the pocket maybe). Anyway, that was it. I appreciate it so much.

The knob turned but the door didn’t pop out. Had me confused. Rookie owner. Thank goodness for the good people on this forum.
Don't feel bad. I've had the car over a year and it still happens to me on occasion and my first thought is that it's broken. :lol:
Sometimes I get a kick out of turning the latch, and then unlocking the car. Its sorta like having a remote control charge port ;)