Can anyone tell me what this means?

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New member
Aug 20, 2019
Just bought a used e tron in Scotland. Driving it home, there was an odd image on the dash that showed an orange blob near the front right headlight.

I've looked at every page in the manual and searched the web. I see nothing on what this is. Can anyone answer? Thanks so much.

Hi Mark, I've got a 2016 e-tron (UK spec) and I've not seen that symbol.

If I assume that you have a later model, maybe a 2017 with the virtual dashboard, I would also suggest that it could be a warning that your road sign camera cannot detect signs. I get this occasionally in text form on my 2016, not a symbol.
I'm not certain what causes it but my guess is that the 10cm x 10cm panel near the reg no plate is either dirty or misted up.

A lot of assumptions and guesses but I hope it helps anyway.
Didn't you just forget to close the charge port? From 2017 models they added a that warning.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll see if I can verify those theories. The charge port is closed, but I did wonder if that was it (since this display seems to be mainly focused on doors ajar, etc.) I opened and closed it firmly but no change.
It's the charge port door being open.
Cool they added a sensor for this - common complaint in the reviews of the earlier models was not having a warning so driving around looking silly with your flap open.

If yours is definitely pushed and locked (turn the circle thing!) securely closed, I guess maybe the sensor is faulty.
I have the same issue, but it's a light on the right rear of the display image of the car. I also can't find any info online or in the manual.