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Oct 27, 2016
California has cashed my HOV sticker check and hopefully the stickers will arrive soon.

Has anybody yet applied these HOV stickers to the 2016? Where, exactly?

For the front, the headlight washer looks like it will be in the way, and, besides, the sticker would dominate that area. I'd like to put it in the grill element below the headlight somehow.

For the rear, I wonder if there's room below the marker lights on the sides of the back bumper behind the wheel for the large stickers.
I received my stickers about a month ago. The instructions for placement are included with the stickers. There is room. Took me a moment to decide exactly where to put the rear side stickers and decided to place them as low as possible below the marker lights. It looks fine. I can't describe offhand where I put the front sticker below the headlight, but it worked out fine.

Just one piece of advice, be careful when you peel the sticker off the backing. Do it slowly and don't bend the sticker too much, or some of the green will flake off exposing the silver reflective coating underneath.

Thanks. Mine came yesterday. I put the rear larger ones lower below the marker light and ahead of the black fascia panel with the faux exhaust. The small rear sticker is right next to the marker and my front one is closer to the headlight washer panel. I guess I can live with them being there on my Ibis White car.
Here's a photo of my placement on my 2017. I'm a little worried that the smaller sticker may not hold up over time as the edges around the round portion didn't fit perfectly. The bottom edge is a "crinkled" a little and the black fascia is textured.

There's no way I can deface my car with all those stickers. I just put the back two on and have never had any problem in 3 years (including previous car). I mostly use them for free parking at meters in my city - where the meter maid is always approaching from behind.

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