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Aug 25, 2016
A question for those of you who have owned your car longer than I - what is the best way to manage the hybrid mode to get best economy?

Since I got the car 5 weeks ago, I've only had 3 trips longer than the EV range. One of 100 miles, one of 125 and one of 230. In all three cases, I switched to hybrid at the beginning of the trip, and started with a full charge. The two shorter trips worked great, guess o meter showed mpg of ove 50, and I still had some batter available at the end of the trip.

But on the longer trip, the battery was exhausted after ~180 miles or so, and I had to finish the trip in batter hold.

Is this normal? Was there anything I could have done on that trip to make certain that there was enough battery left for that last part of the trip to be in hybrid mode?
Arne, I understand that the e-tron will take into account any destination that is active in the sat-nav in order to maximise economy. I believe there are a number of functions that take into account the current location such as illumination of side roads and switching the headlight beam between right hand and left hand drive. Plug the destination into the sat-nav and see if it really makes a difference.
Hi Arne,

In Hybrid Auto mode the priority seems to be to use battery until it is down to two or three bars, so unless the first section of your long journey is "battery efficient" you won't get the best mileage.

If I do a long trip, I do the first two miles on battery at town speeds and then hit the highway so I switch to Hybrid Hold whil I drive a constant 70ish mph. If I hit speed restrictions below 50mph I will change to EV mode or I will just use the relatively full battery at the destination end for town driving. It all depends on speed and hills.

Ideally if you use the battery only in best driving conditions (constant, flat, 30-50 mph) and arrive at your next charging opportunity with zero bars on the battery, you should get the best possible mileage.

andymccrory":2wq502ke said:
In Hybrid Auto mode the priority seems to be to use battery until it is down to two or three bars...
Sounds correct, except that my car in Hybrid Auto uses the battery all the way down to the single red bar.
Regardless of having the car in H. Hold my EV range still depletes but not as quickly.
Here my findings for my regular driving on a warm day (22 degrees C) over a short 10 km distance.
I start with a full charge (38 km showing)
EV - 20 km AER remaining
HA - 30 km AER remaining
HH - 35 km AER remaining

I've stated in another post that on a warm day I regularly get 34 km of AER.

Driving to work, about 40 km, I have noticed the following EV range remaining
EV - 0 km (ICE used for ~10 mins)
HA - 0 km
HH - 3-5 km

Nothing scientific here. Just numbers that I see on the dash.
May not be scientific, but it's a great observation. I haven't used HH mode with a full battery yet, looks like that deserves some testing.