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Feb 5, 2018
I just picked up my A3 on Saturday, got it fully charged yesterday and was excited to see how far the 27km electric motor would get me on my way to work. Sadly :cry: , I got about 11km before it switched out of EV mode to battery hold it is the first time I think it had a full charge, but I was expecting to go further than 11km.

What does everyone else find, how far does the battery take you before gas kicks in?
Congrats on getting the e-tron.
There are many variables that comes into play when driving an EV (PHEV or BEV).
1st off, what was the temp? I charge up in my garage and the GOM shows 38km. But it's cold (-14 C) outside and even though I pre-heat, I can only muster 16 to 20 km. If it's colder I'm lucky to get 13 km. That was my 1st year driving my 2016 in the cold. Now I periodically change from battery only to hybrid auto depending on conditions and traffic. If you're driving out into the cold without preheating, I would suggest going into hybrid auto to warm the car, then switch to battery only.
You'll get much better AER when the temp is warmer.
2nd, how do you drive? I know the electric acceleration is a lot of fun, but hard acceleration drains the battery pretty quick.
3rd, what's your driving route like? If you us the battery only when driving up a lot of hills it'll take its toll on the range.
It takes a little time to get familiar with the different modes and what works for you.
In the summer, I average 34 km AER and my GOM ranges from 36 to 45 km available.
I think everyone here will agree that cold weather is an EV's nemesis.
Thank you for the response Hangtime, it was cold, it has been cold for a while. I haven't been using the preheat function yet as I am in a condo town with underground parking I need approval from the condo board to put the battery charger outside in the common elements area despite it being the exterior of my bsmt. At this time I have to charge the car with my bsmt door slightly ajar, I have started using the battery hold for about the first 3km-4km when leaving until I can get the battery pack situated where I can charge overnight and use the pre-heat option.

Thank you for the insights
We have the 2017 Premium Plus version and have kept meticulous records of range. From Spring, through Summer, and into Fall, as long as daytime temps remain above 60 degrees F, you can count on 18 to 20 miles electric range. If you use the heater or drive well above 65mph on the freeway, you can count on losing 10-15% range. Unfortunately, when you encounter Winter temperatures, Audi does not actively preheat the battery pack like Tesla and a few other manufacturers. We have noticed drops in range in the winter of as much as 30-35%. You can improve winter range partially by turning on Auxiliary Climate Control while still connected to your wall EVSE/charger. This will heat the car interior and partially heat the battery pack, though not significantly. This is one of the major weak spots of the A3 Sportback e-tron, in addition to the small battery pack. Euro business class vehicle tax and licensing fees now demand 30+ mile PHEV ranges, which is one reason why our Audi production was cancelled. VW had been testing higher amp-hour batteries in the GTE PHEV, which would fit easily into the Sportback e-tron, giving it a 32-35 mile range, BUT, the A3 is to have a new chassis and body in a few years, so Audi/VW decided to drop the car, instead of spending a little more to give it reasonable PHEV electric range. We do love our car, but are not thrilled with Audi USA or Audi Deutschland.
Our 2017 has a problem. After an overnight charge (at 240V) the green charging light stays on and screen states 23 miles and 10 minutes left in charging. I unplugged the EVSA and then plugged in and made sure it was charging at 100%. No change on the 10 minutes.

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