Battery Hold issues when driving in hot weather

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Dec 26, 2016
We drive our eTron from California to Colorado a few times a year. Never an issue until last week. It was hotter than usual, at about 100F a lot of the way. When on the freeway, we always use Battery Hold preserving the battery for in town driving. But during this trip, the battery was drained while in Battery Hold after only only a few hundred miles of freeway driving. Almost like is was in Hybrid mode, tho it wasn’t. Anyone seen this before?
If you drove in 100F I am guessing that you would have turned on the A/C which happens to be electrically powered.... :mrgreen:
That seems right as the A/C is electric. One way to regain some battery charge is to drive in Sport Mode when on the freeway for long trips. This give the greatest electric regeneration. In this mode, even the smallest deceleration will charge the battery. I usually get 8 or 9 miles of extra battery on a 1 hour freeway trip.