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Aug 12, 2020
Hi Audi E-tron Community,

I’m Jon, a PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering specializing in electrochemistry at the University of Washington. I’m working with folks at a new company in Seattle, Recurrent, with a goal of helping electric vehicle (EV) buyers understand the battery health and range of used electric cars. We are developing machine learning algorithms to predict future battery life and range across all major EV models.

Here’s where I need your help. We’re assembling a group of current EV drivers/enthusiasts who are willing to share anonymous access to their battery range and state of charge data over time in a variety of weather and driving conditions. While we have plenty of Tesla, Chevy and Nissan data, we need more Audi E-tron volunteers to share their vehicle data. To participate, you’ll need an active subscription to Audi Connect (CARE base level or better). It’s automatic, no work on your end.

Here’s the signup link and FAQ. A nice added bonus: you’ll get a free monthly battery analytics report as we build up our comparative data.
So if you drive an EV and really want everyone else to drive an EV in the future, please consider volunteering your data. Let me know if I can answer any questions about the program or the company.

Jon Witt
Linked In
The A3 e-tron connects with, which is a separate service from Audi Connect.
I believe you are thinking of the all-electric e-tron, which may have connected abilities with Audi Connect.
The plug in hybrid A3 e-tron does not seem to register with the Smartcar portal.