automatic curb view on passenger side mirror?

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I have a VCDS cable but my etron isn't arriving until some time next year. Figure the coding for this is in the central electronics module, or possibly one of the front door modules.
drmarko":107lcrwb said:
Hi rfortson or other forum members,

Any luck with getting the automatic curb view feature enabled on an A3 etron yet?


Not yet. I did receive the OBDeleven finally, but since I'm at ~4500 miles on my car, I'm going to wait until I do the 5,000 mile service before messing with it. I don't want to change things and then have them reset by the shop during service.

Also, I'm not sure how this affects warranty work. I'd hate to have some minor issue and be denied coverage because I made some software changes.
I'm thinking the same thing. I did have numerous changes in my TDI via borrowed VCDS that were never reset during service, so that may not be a big issue. Even so, I don't want to make any changes until after the "recall" for the parking light bit is loaded, as that is obviously a coding fix, and might overwrite any changes I might make.
After months of research with 2 dealers and a supervisor at the Audi Connect 800 number, nobody's been able to verify that any A3 etron has the automatic curb view passenger side mirror feature. My 2016 Premium Plus does not have it. Some have said the an etron with the Prestige trim package has this feature (because it comes with power foldable mirrors), but "A3 etron Prestige trim cars are like unicorns" -- nobody has seen one. My local dealer says that Prestige trim is only special order and that they will have one passing through the dealership next month. They will check whether it has the curb view feature.

In the meantime: can any forum members with an A3 etron Prestige let us know if it, indeed, has the curb view feature?

PSJ: Really appreciate your giving me the good news that your 2017 A3 etron Prestige does have the automatic curb view feature. I assume that it's standard on all 2017 A3 etrons with Prestige trim package. Enjoy!!
Glad you like your e-ton!!

My local dealer in the SF Bay area (who still had no idea if an A3 e-tron Prestige has the curb view feature) wonders if you have a US car because the features vary from country to country.

Yes, a US car. i'm in Massachusetts. Ordered in October, delivered at the end of December, 2016
I've been curiously watching this thread to see if it would be possible to do, only to find out that I already have this feature on my 2017 prestige! I didn't realize I needed to point the mirror adjust knob to the passenger side mirror for it to work. I was looking for settings in the mmi but never saw any so I thought or cars didn't have it. Thanks for posting!
Have you or other prestige owners been successful in getting this to work? I've followed the directions from the manual and youtube videos and I can't get it to work in my 2017 prestige.
It works for me. I have a 2016 Prestige. Page 45 of the manual talks about "the position is saved", so you have to do it manually once. When the manual says "turning the knob in the desired direction", I think that's confusing. You have to set the knob on the passenger mirror then move the knob back to lower the mirror. You have to be in reverse. When you do it again the passenger mirror has to be selected and you have to be in reverse.

I noticed this morning that I had left the passenger mirror selected so I really didn't have to do anything but put the car in reverse.

I just went out to the car to get my manual and held the button on the door handle for a long time and the sunroof closed. I noticed that trick in this thread. Cool.