AudiUSA Configurator no longer shows a Prestige option

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Nov 4, 2017
I wanted to look something up about the Prestige trim and it is no longer in the configurator nor is it in the list of trims.

I wonder why it has disappeared?
I noticed it too. I wonder if they're going to eliminate the trim in the US or just make it order only if you ask.

Personally, I'd like to get a Prestige for the driver assistance features like Lane Assist, but it's a hefty premium that I may have to forgo.
hayasa":3hveykpj said:
Hmm. What are we missing out on that was only available on the Prestige?
So far as I can tell these are the things that you can't option on to Premium Plus that were on the Prestige:

  • Audi Adaptive Cruise Control w/Stop & Go
    Audi Active Lane Assist
    Heated Power-Folding Exterior Mirrors
    High Beam Assistant
    3D Optic Inlays (interior trim)
    High-Gloss Aluminum Window Surrounds (exterior trim)
    Interior Storage Package

Added Jan 9, 18

Audi USA says it is still available but it is special order only.

Oh, and it also includes Homelink.
It appears to have returned. Audi appears to be updating their website and that must have fallen off during the last go-round. It is back, though.

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