Audi Term Care Select - good idea or not for lease?

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Jul 28, 2017
I just signed a lease for 2017 Audi e-tron Premium with Sport Package. 36 mo / 10 k. Lease included Audi care. In the finance office I rejected all the options then finally relented and chose Audi Term Care Select for $699. It covers replacement of one battery, one set of wipers, one set of rear and front brake pads each, electrical, belts and hoses, 1 alignment, replacement of lost or broken key five, headlights, and membership in a program called Driver's One Card(?).

This was three days ago; now I have second thoughts that this was a good idea to purchase. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding this? I believe I can still get out of it if I so choose.

I'd say get your money back if you can. In a 3 year lease with those mileage limits, you should not need a battery, brake pads, or belts and hoses. If you aren't prone to losing key fobs, it's a big waste of cash.
I got AudiCare with my lease. Pays for the services, which I calculated was slightly better than break-even.

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