Audi says plug-in hybrid technology is better than pure EV

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Sep 11, 2013

Plug-in technology gives efficiency and it gives range. I've spoken to Tesla customers, and they say that if the plug-in Audi Q7 was available that is the car they would choose. We are confident we have chosen the right path; an electric car that lives only in the showroom does nothing for the CO2 agenda. We want to build cars that sell.

Stadler also confirmed plans for Q7, A8 and A6 long-wheelbase plug-in hybrids in the near future.

Full article on ... rs/1303762?

They pulled the trigger on the Q7 Etron too late methinks. September 29th is 5 days away. On that day the opportunity to grab back a tiny slice of the Audi buyers/owners that are being losing to Tesla who might have been interested in A7 with anemic electric range will have closed.
Launch Event. The first Tesla Model X's get delivered.

Even though it's sold out through next summer (1000+ $40,000 Signature reservations, 25k+ $5000 reservations), if owner satisfaction is as expected, it could very well crush the high end suv market.
Well, I tend to agree with Audi. PHEVs make the most sense to me. I want range and I want quick recharge. PHEVs give me 400+ mile real range, and I can recharge in about 2 minutes at ~168k locations throughout the US.

Once there's an EV that can match both (or even come close), then we can talk. Until then, EVs are for the evangelists who will plan their trips around available charging stations, and don't mind stopping for 30+ minutes every 2-3 hours.

EVs are great second cars, but in the US, there's too much space for an EV to be my only car.