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May 20, 2016
I have been working with Audi to resolve the etron app connection issue. I sent them a variety of screenshots, as well as a screenshot from the app store with the various complaints about it not working. They have contacted me several times to gather additional information.

I think they now know it's a global issue and are working on it...


Be patient. My experience was very similar. The problem is most likely the dealer has screwed up the registration process for your car. My sales person (on Mar 6 '16) told me flat out as I was buying the car, "You can not access the car thru any app because you don't have the Navigation Package." I believed him, because he seemed so sure of his view. He was dead wrong. I found that the Audi USA (remote from my dealer) had to train the dealer on how to properly register the car SO that the tracking could be accessed.

Call Audi USA customer service. They are competent, kind, responsible, and will kick the dealer's butt to make things work. It only took about a week.


Wow - what a saga (still ongoing)!

I spent a few weeks, working on and off with the Etron connect folks. They finally asked me to take the care to the dealer.

Dealer kept the car for a few days, when all of the sudden, an Etron person from Verizon calls me and wants to ping the car, update software etc. After coercing her to get on the phone with the dealership repair shop (she told me that they will only talk to owners), nothing changed and the dealer told me to pick up my car and work with Verizon and the Etron folks.

Important part here: I left a 2-star review for the dealership for 1) not fixing the issues and not giving me any idea what to do, really and 2) not washing my car, claiming the California drought as the reason. I of course pointed out that the car would be washed, whether they did it or I did... so lame excuse!

After about a week, I heard nothing and called back. Was helped by a nice young man. Nothing happened again, other than them calling me to get some more error message details...

And wouldn't you know it, the service manager called, VERY apologetic, asking me to bring the car in again... Dropped it off yesterday (service manager even came down to say "hi" and introduce himself).

In the mean time, I've convinced two friends who were looking for cars to get and Etron...

------ to be continued!----
I had a similar experience with the e-tron app and website. I bought my A3 etron in Jan 2016, and neither the etron app nor Audi Connect worked. I eventually got the service department to fix Audi Connect (they had to replace the SIM card and give me a new trial) but they had no clue how to get the etron app working, and at the time I just didn't care enough to take it any further.

Fast forward October 2016: I've been working with Audi of America for over a month sending screenshots and having phone calls to troubleshoot like other people have done on this forum. I get back from a week vacation and my etron is totally dead and wouldn't take a charge. Long story, but apparently the battery control module was draining the battery while I was away. The day they fix the battery control module and get the car started, my etron app starts working... The Audi of America phone representative says they "pushed" some kind of over-the-air update to my car. I'm not convinced it was the OTA update or if it was the car having lost all power and totally resetting. Anyway, I wish everyone the best of luck, and definitely call AoA to get help as individual service departments seem pretty clueless with respect to the etron app...