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Sep 11, 2015
I've had my etron since February and probably charge it three times a week on average using the audi wall socket unit provided with the car.

Although the unit is a bit fiddly, it works well as a charging solution and was allowing me to charge the car overnight.

This week, the unit has failed to turn on - I've changed the fuse and tried a new socket in case it was faulty but to no avail.

I've phoned the Audi dealer who says replacement units are on 'back order' and is trying to find me another unit to loan to me.

Anyone had any issues with faulty charging units?
I haven't ever used the Audi cable - I use an EVSE at home to charge rather than the trickle-y Audi unit.

Are there any errors showing that would help pinpoint the issue?
I blew a fuse in the EVSE and the distribution panel but that seemed to be a temporary problem that hasn't happened again since?! Perhaps a momentary charge failer or too-much-draw situation?

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