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Sep 11, 2013
Last month, December 2014, here is how the A3 e-Tron sold.

Belgium: 4
Germany: 48
Norway: 18
Italy: 0
Netherlands: 29
Iceland: 2
Sweden: 4

Any guesses on if the e-Tron sold more or less in January 2015?
Also, I think the A3 plug-in is now available in more countries than it was last month, but I'll have to do some research to confirm that!
Well since Mitchell didn't provide sales results for the Audi a3 e-Tron Forum members, I thought I would :D

He's probably out having too much fun driving his plug-in!

So far, all I could find for data was 11 sold in Sweden. I'll leave the list here and update in a couple days:

Sweden: 11
Belgium: ?
Germany: ?
Norway: ?
Italy: ?
Netherlands: ?
Iceland: ?
Ireland: 1 (A3 listed as unknown drivetrain, likely the e-Tron)
It has gone on sale in Ireland as well.
Seems to be early days and only at a few dealers so far.
There were 2 registered in 2014 on the official stats, probably the press demo models.
For 2015 January doesn't have any hybrids listed for the A3 but it does have one unknown engine type so maybe that was one.
Hopefully it will pick up as the year goes on, not sure if there is a wait for models being ordered at the moment.
Thanks for the info! I added 1 sale in Ireland to the list with a note that it's probably an e-Tron

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