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Sep 22, 2015
How does the e-tron connect services work? I mean I know you have to register online with your vehicle information. But how does the car talk to the Internet/web/app? Do I need to get the Audi Connect services with 4G/LTE? Does the e-tron connect to the mobile app through Bluetooth or WiFi or ????

I didn't order the Audi Connect services and wondering but if I can still use the e-tron connect app.

Audi Connect displays vehicle data, and without having Connect on your e-tron, I'm not sure how you would get data from the vehicle to the app.

From what I understand, Audi Connect only works via the cellphone network, not just via local wifi or Bluetooth.

There is a built in SIM that Audi puts in the car at the factory that they use to collect mileage data, but I'm quite sure that is only for their internal reporting services (like the Volt, so they can say we've saved 8 billion gallons of oil and driven 25 billion miles on electricity etc)