Audi A3 e-tron B-Mode discovered (bug by race condition)

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on my 2018 if you press the Dynamic Mode twice it will one pedle break and regen no matter what driving mode your in.
Arran73":2vatkj9s said:
on my 2018 if you press the Dynamic Mode twice it will one pedle break and regen no matter what driving mode your in.

So you are saying the first described option doens't work for you: 'When you are driving in EV mode, don´t matther the gear, put the manual mode, and then, very quicky, put the gear in S-mode automatic. You can drive in B-mode (S mode with full EV drive)'

but choosing Dynamic Mode twice (using drive select, changing with the scroll wheel?) will put it in 'B-mode'?

I have a 2017 facelift A3 E-Tron and the first method didn't work for me....
Hello tuttivini.

It seems that my discovery only works for the first A3 e-tron, not the facelifted.
For the Dynamic this doesn't work for me.
Whichever mode the regen braking is in, it's pretty much negligible anyway. You might get an extra 0.1 of a mile using B-Mode, in exchange for much less refined handling and spilling your drink everywhere when you lift off the accelerator.
I have been trying out this B-Mode recently on street only driving to see if it has any benefit. And I don't see any benefit for battery charge. This is for flat ground and city driving with alot of traffic lights and stop signs. I find the battery depletes slightly faster in this B-Mode vs. regular EV mode. Does the battery use more charge when accelerating after regen braking? That's what I'm feeling.

I only see this working for people who want to drive one pedal in EV and have alot of long downhill stretches on the route. On flat ground I think EV mode has better range than this B-Mode.
Obviously by regen/accelerating you WILL use more power than just coasting.

I tested it and it works on my MY2016

The regen is pretty strong. Not as strong as L-mode on Ampera, but good enough

This 1-pedal mode while it won't use less energy (but rather more), it still makes the car easier to drive in the city

However I don't like how the DSG shifts in this mode, I guess it's in sports mode or it wasn't optimized for this
My thoughts after a month of driving.
This is the road going XL1.
To get the most MPG you want to coast as much as possible.
In D the car will coast when you lift off the throttle. If you gently push on the brake pedal it uses regen at increasing levels til it starts to use the disk brakes.
Putting the lever in Manual then you get regen driving using the throttle pedal. Like a Tesla.