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Nov 15, 2016
Hello guys I'm been looking for 2 months for a trailer hitch or any modified hitch that fit, trying curt, and many brands with no luck, any help will appreciated, is really frustrating
So - anyone put a hitch on their e-tron?

Looks like the Curt 11412 is a fit (last page says as much); just curious as to whether or not anyone has tried and how the install went.

There's a previous thread about hitches that included the 11412.


A few of us purchased it at the time. My experience at the time was it barely cleared the sides of the exhaust, so I removed it. However. perhaps they have modified it slightly since then to fit.

Let us know how you get on!
I bought this one from U-HAUL. ... eel-Drive/
I'm not sure if Audi changed the exhaust location for 2018 but it didn't fit perfectly - it not only touched but pushed on the muffler. I took my car over to a local welder who checked it out and sketched out a modification to it. They clearanced it a little around the muffler (only needs around 0.75 inch additional) and because the steel would be thinner there, added 1/2 plate steel to additionally reinforce the side supports. I had to remove it to bring it to the welder, and I was able to install it again myself (borrowed someone's torque wrench that would measure 110 ft/pounds) without issue, there is actually plenty of room down there to install it - being careful not to un-seat the bolts that were fish-wired through. Sounds like a hassle but it wasn't a big deal in the end to be able to use a hitch receiver for a bike rack. ... 4.jpg?dl=0 ... 5.jpg?dl=0 ... 6.jpg?dl=0
Just installed one on my A3 -15, bought this from PF Jones: ... owbar.html

The difficulty installing this kit is depending on whether your car is equipped with a towbar connector package or not, mine did not.
If it is, the install is done easily in a couple of hours, if not it gets a bit fiddly since a connector cable needs to be placed all the way forward to the A-pillar, connected to the fusebox as well as into the BCM controlbox connectors in order to tap the CAN bus.
Also you need to reprogram the car in order for it to accept the towbar CAN bus box.
I found a solution! Stealth Hitches. I spoke with the owner, Steve, and he thought the a3 sedan version they are working on would work. That is not up on their site yet, but they have it. I ordered it and it arrived yesterday. I installed it today. Flawless. It replaces the bumper core studs. So you need to remove the fascia. I did this without complete instructions, but combined the instructions for the european towbars and the included a3 sedan instructions. NOTE. with the 2" receiver installed you will need to cut the bumper a little bit on the underside (see image of where I am pointing - I have not made the cuts yet - you can force the received in w/o cutting but that buts pressure on the fascia and while probably fine short term probably not fine long term). Not sure if the cuts would be required if you went with the 1.25". See images. I hope this helps others. I have a 2018 a3 etron. ... o2hUa?dl=0
THanks for posting this JayD

I have a 2018 a3 etron and looking to get a bike trailer and need a hitch - how is the stealth one working out for you? I have never installed a hitch so have no idea what to do - any suggestions?
Hi. I utilized the set of a3 sedan instructions that came from stealth hitch as well as instructions for an a3 etron provided by one of the european tow bar providers....can't recall the one exactly. It took some trial and error. I'm relatively handy so was able to do it all in about 3 hours without any damage (came close trying to remove the tail lights). There are some nuances that differ from the instructions. E.g. the tail lights are held onto the car with a "screw" accessed through those little access hatches. On some audis you simply pull them off. If you aren't comfortable, I'd suggest having it installed, or at least have a dealer take off the bumper and let you install it. Putting it on is very easy. Getting the bumper off is the time consuming part and requires some trial and error. And the hitch is fantastic. Completely stealth w/ the attachment off. Less than 1 minute to put the attachment on when you need it.
Nuje":153i6o9m said:
So - anyone put a hitch on their e-tron?

Looks like the Curt 11412 is a fit (last page says as much); just curious as to whether or not anyone has tried and how the install went.

I installed as Nuje suggested( Curt 11412). No problems at all on 2017 Etron. Touches both sides of muffler, but no rattle . Sort of holds the muffler steady.
Very satisfied.
I installed a Stealth hitch on my 2016 etron about 6 months ago. The hitch installed smoothly, but as noted above the assembly instructions were for an A3 sedan. I did remove the rear tail lights, and the fascia removal instructions missed a couple other changes, such as a vertical release tab near the tail light assembly.
Most significant, I had to cut a hole in the lower fascia to allow space for the receiver assembly. But this is my 3rd hitch install on various cars & I've gotten pretty good with a Dremel. So it turned out OK.
Here are photos:

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