Audi A3 Connect and App Broken as of 2022?

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Dec 20, 2018

Wondering if this issue is just me but since January 1, 2022, my Audi A3 E tron connect app says invalid account or pin ( this is the app where you can turn on aux climate control and see location of car etc) and the online website for Audi A3 etron connect has been down.

Did Audi stop supporting the app and website as of 2022?!? I hope not. I really count on my
Auxiliary heating/cooling function.

Can anyone tell me if they’re app is working?
Mine stopped working at the start of the year as well. I was going to call Audi. I’m guessing we’re not the only ones impacted.
a3etron4me":90h586n0 said:
Mine stopped working at the start of the year as well. I was going to call Audi. I’m guessing we’re not the only ones impacted.

Bad news. Spoke with Audi today. The app and Audi support for it is done! The 3G network that supports it in the USA via AT&T is no longer supported anymore since AT&T is making space for 5G. As such Audi has decided to no longer support the A3 etron connect app.

Awful news!
Yes, I too can confirm that the Audi A3 etron app is no longer working for stats, and some other functions, as related by another poster (Caldog101) in this thread. I like my A3, yet it is obsolete after 5 years! I spoke with Audi support on Friday, and reconfirmed today. we are SOL. What I encouraged them to do was some sort of workaround. I am unhappy that I lost my stats. If I had a heads up, at least I could have copied it onto my legal pad. Aftermarket here I come!! If anyone has a line on new telematics, please steer me that way. In a previous life, when 2G died I was in the same boat with my old SAAB 9^5. But before that, it was 8 track to cassette to CD to iPod...Life marches on...
Effective 02/22/2022 AT&T will start to shut down its 3G network in order to make room for 5G frequencies. On my 2017 A3 e-tron Prestige the infotainment system runs on 4G LTE, but the Connect Care services (check status, parking position and preheating the car) run on 3G. Audi refers to AT&T shutting down the 3G network as a normal part of technological obsolescence, actively ignoring their responsibility to their customers who bought their cars expecting them to last more than 4 years. (Yes, the car still works, but should I not expect the tech that was so highly touted in the brochures to continue to work at least until the warranty runs out?)

My app stopped working on 12/31/2021. I called the number indicated by the app, and they told me the account number must be reset after 3 1/2 years. I’ve had the car for 4 1/2 so that was my first indication of flies in the ointment. I was told the account number and PIN would be reset and I would receive two emails with new numbers. Long story short: that information was false, I found out what’s actually happening: Audio cancelled the account numbers in anticipation of the 3G shutdown.

To my surprise — and the reason I’m posting today — I received a new account number and PIN (strangely serial), tried them, and they work! So somewhere, somehow Audi recognized that shutting things down before it’s necessary was pissing off even more people than the shutdown itself.

FWIW I get that Audi’s not responsible for AT&Ts network shutdown. But Audi is not the only car brand impacted, and other brands, including Ford, BMW and Volvo are replacing the cellular modules Free Of Charge to the customer - Audi’ instead is saying it’s technological obsolesce and walking away. There are rumors that a possible solution may be offered, but there’s no concrete evidence of this.
This really sucks! Got the wife's back after almost 2 months at the dealer for warranty work and noticed the app kept erroring out, thought they did something to it. Previously, I'd delete the app, reinstall, and it would work again. Not this time, the app is no longer available to download! The only thing I really used the app for was to set the charging schedule, which still seems to be in place somehow. As far as I know, the app's the only place to set charge times, correct?

I knew this would happen one day, since they haven't updated the app in like 4 years. I guess it's time to put a deposit down on another Tesla.
This is also happening with the bmw i3s...they fought it and BMW is allegedly working on some compromise BUT they can atleast remote start/pre-treat with their remotes/key fobs. Is that an option here? Remote starting/pretreating the car from remote obviously would be SOMETHING. Not having remote start is a deal breaker for me since you lose what little range you have to hvac.

P.S. i didn't know about this either and just got off the phone with them which lead me here.
Mine also stopped working, sometime in December. I called them on January 20th, they didn't know anything about it at all ... still waiting for an email from the nice lady on the other end of the phone.

If I can find the sim card slot and put in an active sim card, what are the odds someone can find a way to reactivate the app?
Before finding this forum I was unaware that the A3etron app has been discontinued. I had not received any notification from Audi but I just got off the phone with them and it was explained that it is the 3G network turndown which is the cause.

I'd be very interested in an aftermarket solution if there is one. Can I upgrade my car from 3G to 5G? Is there a way to manage the battery settings from the car interface? I have yet to find anything.

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