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May 20, 2016
OK - everyone should thank me. After multiple trips to the dealer, endless time on the phone etc., I was able to get Audi to escalate the app issue to Germany. They fixed it! App now works!

Audi customer service said for my time and effort, they are sending me a gift card and some swag!

Three cheers!
What App? And where does it work? Is it Android, iOS, Windows? And does it work in Canada?
That's what Audi told me 18 months ago when they finally got my Audi e-tron Connect App to work correctly here in the UK on Android Lollipop. An escalation to Germany did help at the time but further errors occurred a few months later. They did credit me with free servicing which saved me £200-£250 and the app continues to work most of the time.

From the lack of detail in your profile it is somewhat difficult to gauge both the scope of your efforts and the potential benefits to others.
Well, kudos to everyone!

Now that you've fixed the app, what are you using it for? Is it really "useable", meaning is it convenient to use, or a pain (slow, glitches, etc)? Looks like a great idea that I'd enjoy as I love gadgets. Getting into a pre-cooled car would be nice when it's 105 around here.
I've found over the past couple of summers that the pre-cooling is not especially effective. When one thinks about it, there is no effective way of getting rid of the waste hot air from a stationary vehicle, similar to a regular engine driven AC setup. The pre-heating is rather more effective for those chilly winter mornings.