Anyone made an APR Stage One (EA211) ECU Upgrade?

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Dec 11, 2016
I am thinking about purchasing an APR Stage One (EA211) ECU Upgrade for my 2017 A3 Etron. Has anyone done this? According to my research it should not affect fuel economy; in fact, it may improve it. But I am not sure if the Upgrade will actually work with an Etron because of the ICE working in concert with the electric motor. I am also not sure how the Upgrade will affect overall horsepower and torque. The ICE produces 150 hp and 184 torque, the electric motor 102/243, but the overall hp and torque is not a simple matter of addition, for the combined figures are 204 and 258.
The Upgrade is supposed to improve the hp of the A3 1.4 ICE by 35 and the torque by 60. Not sure what this means for the ICE/electric motor combined. Any thoughts?
My worry would be the transmission. It is rated for a maximum torque that matches the factory limits on total system torque.

I don't know how well the transmission would handle the increased torque if it the system makes it.

Is it possible that the system may calculate the higher torque of the ICE and reduce electric motor output to stay within total system capacity?
That sounds like a legitimate concern. Thanks for pointing it out. I have contacted APR to see if they have an upgrade specifically for the Etron. I'll report back what I hear.
Just received this message from APR:

Unfortunately we do not have a tune for the hybrids. We also do not have a tune for the North American 1.4 vehicles either. At this time we do not have any plans for the hybrid but that could change down the road.