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Aug 25, 2016
Hi, all. I've just made a deal on an e-tron (Premium, US) to replace my 2010 Golf TDI, which will be going back to VW late this fall. Scuba blue, MMI Nav, 17" package, heated seats, etc.

It's a bit more loaded than I needed (didn't really want Nav), but as the 2016 model year is winding down, they made me a good deal on it. Should be able to pick it up late next week.

Looking forward to learning from those already here as time goes on. Will need to find and install a receiver hitch, get some cheap 16" wheels for winter tires (the ones I have for the Golf are 15", darn it), or maybe some different 17" for summer and keep the originals for winter.
Welcome! I hope to join the crowd real soon now. I was planning to hold out until I had my check in hand, but they are really putting out some great deals, especially on the higher spec ones. I'm holding out for a red one, but if that deal doesn't come through, I'll be getting a black one. Looking forward to it!