Al kinds of electrical issues!

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New member
Dec 20, 2021
I have scoured these forums looking for anything like the problems I'm having, but no avail.

As of yesterday (12/19/21) My wife's 2017 A3 eTron was having the following issues:

Both screens very dim, and the instrument dimmer was not working at all.
Both heated seats not working, although the switch was still illuminating. \
Dome and map lights not working, although switches still lit up.
Door lights (that project onto the ground) not working

I have checked all the applicable fuses on the panel, but none are bad (that I can see)
I changed the 12V battery as an effort to solve the problem. My other car is a BMW i3, and the weak 12V throws all kinds of errors when it's going bad. Still having the same issues. The wife states that the Audi kicks off the engine when you open the door. She states that is not happening anymore. I suspect the car doesn't realize the door is open.