Add wireless CarPlay / AirPlay and navigation for under $400

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May 19, 2019
Just installed this in my ‘16 Etron, 5.8” screen, no stock nav (just Aux port). Physical install was a breeze. It took an afternoon of getting comfortable with the system but it’s working nicely. CarPlay is life changing in the car- the addition of messaging and waze is huge. Far exceeded my expectations. Not affiliated- just happily surprised it works so well. There’s a couple quirks- par for the course on something like this. It literally sits in the middle of the Audi MMI and intercepts commands from hard buttons, and sends it’s own video to the flip up screen. (Although all original functions still work, most of the new options take “long press” of existing buttons to get into CarPlay, then once that’s launched the buttons work normally). It’s like having two systems with one screen and one set of buttons. I see myself living in CarPlay most of the time now.

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Good to hear that the installation was easy. I was eyeing it for a while but never pulled the trigger. Am curious as how well the Android auto function works.