A3 ETron SportBack 2017 Dead 12V battery issue.

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May 2, 2022
Hello .. I have a 2017 ETron SportBack.
Recently, the car was dead and I took it to the local shop. Not a dealer. They said that the 12V battery is dead. Needed to replace the battery. They replaced the battery. Came home and after 2 days the car is dead again. I jumped the car and started driving.
Again dead after 2 days! Jumped it again and drove to the Dealer. Dealer done the diagnosis and told me that Audi Engineers are recommending to install an Audi provided 12 V battery. I said Ok, and they waited 7 days to have the 12V battery. Installed and run the diagnosis and told me that it is not the battery issue rather the Hybrid Controller is bad!!!!!! $7000 to replace the controller.
I am not sure if this a correct diagnosis or not. Anybody in this forum gone thru this issue? Will be helpful for me for the next step.
The issue is with SX6 high voltage battery control module for Audi a3 e Tron sportback 2017. Not the High voltage battery.