93D2 HV battery recall and follow-on HV problems

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Jun 2, 2021
In March of this year I received a letter from Audi for a battery compartment recall for my 2015 Audi A3 Etron ( with about 70k km on the counter).
Some have called this 'the Service Action 93D2', according to a web search.

BTW, I must say I love this car.

After the recall 'fix' (which took 5 days even though they said said it would take three days) and a trip, one week later, of about 200Km, a warning message appears : high temperature, stop car. So I call the local Audi help desk and they ask me to open the hood and check the cooling liquid. There is a larger white container that is full and a smaller one that is empty. The large container is for the engine. The small one is for battery cooling. The help desk says 'add water'. Unfortunately the small-battery cooling container lid is sealed by Audi. So they tell me it's ok to drive a short distance, so I bring it to a local car hauling garage and rent a car. The A3 was then transported to nearest Audi garage near my home, within the next days.
One week later the garage says they checked the cooling liquid which had seemingly not been topped up correctly after the battery compartment recall.

After another ten days and some more travel, a message appears suddenly near my home: 'drive system: system fault! Safely stop vehicle'. So I bring it back to the garage. After another week the news I am given by the garage: high voltage power cable has shorted out and the garage is waiting for the part. But after five weeks, the garage calls me back to say the high voltage electronic module must be changed at a cost to me of about $11K (at current exchange rates), since car is out of warranty.

Questions: has anyone else seen similar problems, following the battery compartment recall ?
Does it seem possible that insufficient battery cooling fluid could produce unwanted heat, perhaps melting the insulation of a high voltage cable, which could then damage an electronic module?
Your thoughts and comments would be welcome.
We had the very same coolant thing happen. We drive slowly home, and then to the dealer next day, they fixed it (I can't remember whether this was topping it off or what), and it was fine for us after that. They did admit that it was a result of the service action work