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The "Build & Price" button for the 2018 model year A3 etron was removed from the Audi website on or before August 16, 2017. I emailed Audi Canada and this was their response, "The 2018 Audi A3 e-tron is expected to arrive in Canada by fall 2017. Further details such as features, specifications and pricing will only be made available closer to the launch period. Once these details are available they will be published on our website http://www.audi.ca.

Today I noticed that the Build & Price button has returned.

Hopefully, the return of the B&P button is a sign that their adjusted production date of mid-October is not going to be pushed further out again.
I've just received word from our dealer that our order A3 Etron - Tecknik is being manufactured 3rd week of November. Delivery January. Put the order in May.
I ordered a 2018 A3 e-tron Technik about a month ago with an estimated delivery April 2018.

Has anyone received any update on their order?
Mine is built and en route via the German port of Emden, slated for port arrival in the US 12/16. We may have to do “bill on port arrival “ to get the tax credit.
Currently enroute from Germany due in Halifax early Dec...Keys in hand in Toronto estimated between Christmas and New Years
Wife ordered in August, due to land at the port mid next week, should be at dealer by New Years.

We'd been sweating the tax credit, but it looks like it should all work out.

Oh, by the way, I'm new here, but this will be our second plug-in car.

Had a BMW i3 on lease, turned it back in to BMW this summer.

Here's what is on the way:

2018 A3 E-Tron
Prestige 1.4 TFSI
Exterior: Glacier White Metallic
Interior: Rock Gray
Wheels: 18" multispoke design wheels with 225/40 all-season tires

I picked up some old stock OEM Audi rims and snow tires that I'll be putting on ASAP after delivery.
Mine is off the boat in Houston now, but it will take some time to make it up here to Chicago, first by rail and then by truck. So... I am trading in my car on Monday and leasing and registering the etron while it is on route. They are giving me a loaner until mine is prepped and ready for final delivery. $4500 is a lot of cash. Experience has taught me not to cut things too close.
Ordered in mid-June, Etron arrived this past week. Two weeks prior to delivery I received an email message that it was in transit, but no contact before then, just told it was on hold. Love the new 18" sport wheels, that was a pleasant surprise.

Your 2018 A3
Prestige 1.4 TFSI
Exterior: monsoon gray metallic
Interior: chestnut brown
Wheels: 18" multispoke design wheels with 225/40 all-season tires
Congrats to the both of you!
The e-trons' a great little car which I'm sure you'll enjoy.
As it's pretty cold this winter, I can tell you that you'll likely not get to enjoy too much of the EV driving experience and will probably be running the ICE until it warms up.
Don't let that discourage you cold weather affects all EV's.
I find the acceleration in EV mode addictive. I finally had a chance to try to launch control start (boy that was fun). :D
Would love to see some pics of your cars.
Hangtime,yes we couldn't have picked a worse time of year to take delivery of our A3 Sportback e-tron (Picked up on Dec 5th). But despite the cold weather (-18C at night) I have been able to drive about 700 kms on electric only and 300 kms on ICE. Really enjoying the quiet and smooth acceleration and hearing the slush hitting the underside of the car!!! I have been pleasantly surprised how well the car behaves on snow and ice with the P205/50R17 Michelin X-ICE X13winter tires. I am certainly looking forward to milder weather in order to really see what kind of AER can be achieved. Nevertheless based on performance so far electric driving costs are still way lower than gas costs. By the way what is "launch control start"?
My etron arrived on Thursday but Ricepoint (VW Class Action people) appointment for the trade in/buyback is on Wednesday. So excited! i was able to see it all wrapped up in its travelling cocoon! 4 more sleeps!!! Feels like my birthday!!
Took delivery today, car was parked in middle of the showroom, the only e-tron my dealer has handled in over a year.

Drove out into a snowy mess but the car did great on the winter tires I had mounted before delivery. Made it most of the way home in EV mode but the heating demands in 8 degree weather were too much so hybrid mode kicked in.


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