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Jul 15, 2017
just came from my local audi dealer wanted to order 2018 a3 etron, and they said they weren't bringing them in due to low sales last year . to date they said there was only 2 2018 made and there in Germany. even if you order one your looking at 6 to 8 months backlog. all the eastcoast dealers gave there 2017 audi a3 etrons back to audi which intern sent them to the one location that moves them , s California. My guess is the new battery with extened range will come with the 2018, which is why they wont give you e.m.g. info yet on the 2018 so they hold back, or they would never sell the 2017 with only a range of 16 miles plug in. big change coming, ev cars are going to take over quickly and be mainstream and audi is trying to make the change without disturbing i.c.e. cars sales. slippery slope for the next few years. they should have went into it like Volvo who knows the better stratergy . No internal combustion engines past 2019. miss my a3 tdi but cant wait for the tesla realease so all the other companies have to get on board and finally break our( big oil ) dependence

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