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Sep 2, 2016
Another potential VW TDi refugee here. There are currently some pretty good discounts on 2016 E-trons in the states. I see that the Virtual Cockpit is is going to be available on the 2017s. Has anyone ordered a 2017 and seen what the upcharge is for it? I would prefer to have an E-tron with the VC but want to consider costs vs. potential discounts on '16s. TIA

I got tired of waiting and leased a 2016. The virtual cockpit seems neat, and Android Auto is interesting, but I found the deal/color I wanted so jumped on it. Now I'm just waiting on the buyback.

To sort of answer your question, there's a 2017 pricing guide out there. I think it was on another Audi forum. That should give you the details you need. You could probably google it. If I run across it, I'll update here.
Thanks for the suggestion of looking for the order guide online. I was surprised that it was available. It is included with the tech package for 3k. Not sure what to do as the nearest dealer is in Portland, OR 300 miles away. Do I wait till they have some '17s in stock so I can compare or take them up on the major discount and not look back. We hardly drive the VW after an idiot pulled out in front of us and we barely avoided a major accident.

Congratulations on your purchase. I am sure you are having fun with your new toy.

The selection to choose from in 2016 cars in Beaverton, Wilsonville and Bend dealers is getting a bit tight. Bend is down to a single white Premium Plus, and the two Portland area dealers each have a few in black, gray, silver and white. I had the dealer in Bend get a blue one that has been sitting at the Boise dealer for months.

You say that Portland is the closest to you, at 300 miles? Where are you located?
To be correct, 300 miles to the closest dealers with any (more than one) in stock. I live in the Rogue Valley. Lithia will ship me one in from their Iowa Audi store where they have six. I need to call my VW service advisor and make sure they are willing to maintain an ETron. At least the basic maintenance.
BentheRed":36jou9z7 said:
The Virtual Cockpit is only in the "Technology Package" which is an extra $3000 USD I think

Also, I believe the Virtual Cockpit and Android Auto/Car Play are somewhat mutually exclusive. You either get a full VC display or partial display with AA/CP.

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