2017 E-tron Prestige with sport package thoughts

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Oct 22, 2018
Best things about it...
EV mode is nice. Quiet and zippy enough.
I like Sport mode and the ability to use the gas peddle to brake. Regen braking is strong. Also, the brake lights come on when you do this.
I like using the paddle shifters to brake when not in Sport mode.
I've gone around 85 mph in EV mode. Thought 80 was max?
Bang and Olufsun system is quite good. Very crisp sound.
Navigation system... I use it along with google maps. Still haven't figured out which is better, not sure I can.
Handling is quite good.
LED headlights: still not sure if the whiter color is helpful but they look nice. I find the yellower tones to reduce contrast differences and to preserve night vision somewhat better.
Turn signal dancing rear lights are nice, but... a little disco.
Seats are comfy.
I like how it's actually an electric car with an ICE assist. Looking under the hood you'll find there's no accessory drive belt.

Not so nice things about it..
I get around 40 mpg driving 150 miles after a charge up, get 38 mpg without charging on return trip. I drive traffic flow which is 80 to 82 mph, though mileage seems to go up a little when I hit traffic since electric kicks in more and there's regen braking.
Slightly mashing the gas peddle from stop to accelerate quickly when turning into traffic frequently spins the tires. I wish it was quattro.
Passing at speed, say already going 75 and need to push it to 85, is kind of gentle. Not an issue, just not sport inspiring.
It has a timing belt, not a chain, so it needs replacement after 130k miles. Not exciting.
I wish the "sport package" actually had a difference in suspension stiffness from base model. It could use a tighter feel.
Good summary. Matches my experience but I don't have the sport package. Your mileage on the road is slightly higher than mine, maybe 1-3 mpg.

What kind of range do you get on battery? I get 18-20 miles usually. I live close to work so can go back and forth with a lunch trip, all on battery. That's nice.