2017 e-tron Premium Plus - First 2000 miles

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Jun 30, 2018
2017 e-tron Premium Plus
Technology and Sport Packages
Aluminum roof rails
Monsoon Gray Metalic
Rock Gray Interior

Bought used in March 2018 with very low milage. Electric range has turned out to be perfect for my daily <10 mile commute in a small town. Typically only use gas on weekend trips (haven't bought gas since March, still have a little over a quarter tank left).

287 Mpg for the first 1939 miles since I brought it home:


EV mode 92% of my last 1000 miles:


Not sure anyone else plays this game but best all EV range on a weekend errand trip was almost 18 miles (a/c on the whole time, on the way home I did pay close attention to my normally heavy foot on the "gas" pedal):


Last car was a 2015 VW GTI, the added off the line torque more than makes up for the lower HP in city driving fun in my opinion.

Your situation and experience matches mine. I live about 5-6 miles from work and I go back and forth all week (charging at night) without gas. Most of my errands on the weekend are short/back and forth trips and I have free electricity on the weekends, so I charge often then. My best tank on Fuelly I think was around 240 mpg, but I usually average around 125-150mpg. My lease is up in August and I'm thinking I'll just buy it outright. Need to see what the values are like then, but this car has been all I wanted so far. (2016 Premium Plus)

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