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Oct 9, 2020
Purchasing a 2017 Audi e-tron. I already started looking for aftermarket/performance accessories.

So far I plan on putting in some sport springs to lower the vehicle about 1.5"
Have the OBDEleven tool from previously owning numerous VW and Audi's

But I haven't found too many products for this vehicle. Will anyone share what they have purchased for their e-tron that they absolutely love?

1st purchase - a 25' aftermarket charger. The OEM is so big and short (that's what she said).
2nd purchase - license plate kit - Audi license plate holder is crap. I had a 2012 S4 and had this same problem, the nuts break loose (that's what she said), and you have to replace the whole thing
3 - bought a transmission mount from ECStuning. I really liked how in worked in my old S4, hoping it will have the same effect
4 - 19" Niche wheels - the OEM wheels look so small on this car (fender gap is huge, but the 19's closed it up some)
5 - OBDEleven PRO - I had the older version (white), I ended up purchasing the newer one (black) since they had a 60% off sale for Black Friday. And it will work with my iPhone and I won't need my old Android device just to use it any longer.

Under consideration:
K&N intake - doubt I will purchase this, since this vehicle is made for MPG
H&R sport springs to lower vehicle 1.2" - that fender gap is large. The ride is already rough, still considering the pros/cons of lowering the vehicle.
Big Brake Kit - researching on how this effects the recharge cycle