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Mar 19, 2016
Hi all,
I'm a week and a bit in to ownership of my 2017 Technik etron and diving deeper in to some of the bells and whistles.
Having read from this topic http://www.myaudia3etron.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=120 that A3 wasn't on the list to get Audi Connect I didn't look too far in to it. However upon further inspection of my vehicle there is a SIM card slot in the glove box, and the MMI does have a wifi section..

The myAudi connect site doesn't give much functionality other than downloading a map update, but I was able to find a 'user registration' link buried in there which emailed me a code. The instructions said to take this to the dealer to get registered.. for what exactly I'm not sure! I forwarded it to my sales rep that sold me the car, he said he would look in to it and get back to me.

I'm not getting my hopes up, but it does say on the Audi connect Canada site that other than the A4 and Q7 but other models will be available in 2017... I suppose we will see!

Small update, I received the key user agreement and my Audi verification confirmation. It looks like I'm enrolled for Audi Connect.. They do have my A3 for all the vehicle information, however I do see this in the instructions page:
Your personal contract – for services tailored to you
As the owner of an A4 or Q7 with Audi connect, you have access to a number of security-sensitive Audi connect services, such as the ability to view vehicle data and custom settings at home on your computer or away from home via app. To use these services, please verify that you are the owner of the vehicle by completing the key user contract. Then only you and people you have added can use these services.

Also without a SIM card I can't do much. Haven't heard back from my dealer yet, I'll ping him tomorrow. But I'm starting to think that this vehicle will be getting Connect services, maybe they just held it back and introduced the A4 and Q7's first?

To be continued...

Dealer said no dice on connect services 'at the moment' so we'll wait and see what 2017 brings us.
Also I tried a SIM card in the slot in the glove box, but there is no where to configure settings in the MMI. I think this is a dead end until (fingers crossed) Audi chooses to open it up to us A3 owning Canadians. :/

I'm very curious about all this as well, would love to have access to the remote AC.

I wonder since it seemed you were registered in audi connect, and got all the verification and stuff, if there is an OBD tweak to open it up.

Unfortunately it seems they've now release the 2018 q5 and a5 with connect and skimmed passed the a3. Hopefully this means they aren't waiting for the 2018 a3 before enabling connect since it seems we have everything required.
I've asked my dealership about this recently, but it still doesn't seem to be officially supported for the 2017 A3 e-tron, but is for other 2018 Audi models. There is a one-time cost associated with getting Audi Connect (I believe it was $529) that presumably gives you the required SIM card and access to the service. I will keep inquiring about this as I feel that all of the required hardware is available in the 2017 A3 e-tron.
Interesting thread and worth a follow, but the usefulness of Google Earth in dash with the hoops to set it up every car start seems limited. But if they can get the SIM working on A3 I would be excited..
Thanks for sharing!

Has anyone confirmed with their car whether the remote climate features work in Canada, even though the A3 doesn't have the Connect enabled?
There is nowhere in the app to access the climate settings. It seems it pulls regional options when you log in to Audi connect , so all you get really is the 'where did I park my car' function, and a few other useless functions.
That's pretty lame. I also emailed AudiTalk. They have no reason to keep the e-tron from having these features in Canada..if you ask me it's pretty pathetic.
After watching some videos online I downloaded the app here in Canada, and it does say in the description explicitly about Climate Control and Charging times.

But when I popped back in to the dealership to drop off my insurance info before pickup on Friday, my Salesman definitely said that it wasn't available on e-tron in Canada.
I asked AudiTalk specifically about remote cooling/heating via the app and this is what they said, without correcting me that the app actually does nothing for climate. You have to "Schedule" your climate control. I'm actually apprehensive about taking delivery of this thing if it's crippled, especially considering that auto manufacturers have a habit of leaving previous model years behind when tech related improvements come out - even if the hardware is identical!

Thank you for contacting Audi Talk.

At this time we do not have any launch information on Audi Connect for the A3 family. The A3 Sportback e-tron is currently available with Charge Delay via the Navigation Package (PNO) on Progressiv (standard on Technik). With this package you can activate auxiliary air conditioning with the charging timer while charging.
Yeah, sadly i don't think 2017 (possibly even 2018's) will get Connect in Canada for remote app control of stuff like preconditioning. However I am still pursuing connectivity to the Internet via mobile cell service on the car. Just ordered this antenna on Ebay: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/LTE-antenna-...e=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649.
Along with some ODB11 mods it looks fairly straight forward to get mobile service up -and free... To be honest with Waze there's not much use for google Earth on the car, but it looks neat and isn't too expensive a mod.
I'll update how it goes when my antenna finally arrives from China..

Why would Audi Canada prevent it's customer from using components and features that were paid for?!?!

The full features of Audi connect are clearly accessible by US and other countries.
I read in the Audiworld thread that the VIN of Canadian vehicles are not in the Audi database for Connect. So even if you shoehorn in the connectivity like I plan to, you wont be provided the access in the mobile app. I cant speak for the 2018 though, it would be disappointing if it does not, considering A4 and Q7 got it in 2017.. But Audi hasn't even updated this page in a while. http://www.audi.ca/ca/web/en/customer-area/audi-connect/faq.html

Thanks for flagging this Iang. I look forward to seeing how it goes. Do you expect it to work be leaving the antenna in the glove box?
Audi Connect is still not available on the 2018 A3 e-tron model in Canada. It's not available for the 2018 RS3 either, which is even more ridiculous considering it costs much more.

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