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Jun 7, 2019
Hello Everyone,

I'm in SoCal and currently shopping for an A3 e-Tron. The carpool lane sticker is a must-have for me, so navigating all of the options out there takes some time. There are more 2016s available than 2017...some of the 2016s are eligible for the sticker. That said, I'm curious if any of you have a strong opinion on going with the 2017 vs. 2016 from a feature perspective.

2017 has the "cooler" DRL/fog lights and has the USB port down by the cigarette lighter. Is there anything else on the 2017 that you feel makes it more desirable over the 2016?

Thanks in advance for the input. I'm buying one for sure...so I'll be a "regular" on here very soon.
2 features which are tech related and pretty big differentiators in my opinion: CarPlay/Android Auto and Virtual Cackpit on the 2017 make it a clear choice in my mind. Look for some videos on youtube to see it.

Ian, thanks for the heads up. I'm seeing that now and the Virtual Cockpit alone seems worth it. I was looking originally at a Premium with the Sport Package. But I'd rather get the Premium Plus (or Prestige) for the tech package for sure. Glad I asked...and even more glad you commented. Thanks again!
I love the virtual cockpit and the adaptive cruise control makes for much more relaxed driving in crawling commuter traffic that keeps changing speed.
I think if you wait a few months you will have a better selection of 17's. My lease will be up in December, I'm guessing a lot of people leased these cars.
Yeah, I wish we were in October/November now. I figure availability of 2017 models will be much greater by then.

I am selling my current car this week. Might consider renting/borrowing something until the right car/time comes along.
I love the Virtual Cockpit, Apple CarPlay, adaptive cruise control, and fold-in side mirrors with passenger side curb view (only available on the Prestige) making the 2017 Prestige a clear winner for me!!
I ended up purchasing a 2018 Premium Plus. So glad I did. Love the virtual cockpit, but the LED package is probably my favorite thing right behind the B&O sound system. Very happy new A3 e-Tron owner right here.
Carpool lane stickers expire at two years (or so). That is, green stickers from 2016 are no good any more except as a sad reminder of happy carpool lane driving days gone by.