Windshield Wiper Nozzles... Are yours horrible as well? Let's fix it!

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Mar 18, 2024
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Hi everyone!

I saw a conversation in a thread I recently started and wanted to dedicate a thread to the topic as I think it's important enough. From the day I picked up the A3e, the front windshield wiper nozzles barely even hit the windshield, it has 3-4 very strong jet streams that totally miss the mark. These are amazing for pissing off already angry people who are tailing you, but I hear of folks getting shot for a lot less these days, so I would rather have them be useful at helping me keep a clean windshield :)

@icee @cmc , you both mentioned swapping windshield wiper nozzles in the What do you LOVE about your Audi A3 e-tron thread and would love to pick your brains about it. Can you please share your experiences prior to the swap, maybe some part numbers if they are handy and experiences with the install and post? Thanks in advance to you both, I laugh my head off every time I need to wipe my windshield, I just pull over at a gas station and clean it there instead for now hahah.
I think it's a shared experience between all A3/S3/RS3 owners...that very first, "What the..." moment when you use the windshield sprayer! I still cant believe that the passenger side water pistol has a jet that shoots towards the side mirror and completely misses the windshield.

The part numbers that I used for the "fan type" sprayer nozzles (used on the Audi A6) are: "4G0 955 987 A" and "4G0 955 988 A". At first glance, the two parts look identical but they have "left" and "right" marking on the inside.

Replacing them is straight forward and fairly easy. Just take your time.

  1. Use a plastic tool and gently pry the on the section of the nozzle assembly that faces the windshield. Do not pry on the opposite side as the tabs that hold the assembly in the hood on that side are more likely to snap.
  2. Gently move the assembly out of the hood.
  3. Disconnect the nozzle heater wire by pressing the locking tab down and gently pulling it off.
  4. The water supply line to the nozzle assembly is secured by a black plastic C-clip. Gently unlock the c-clip. The clip should stay unlocked and connected to the supply line if you don't ham fist it and completely flick it off.
  5. Gently remove the water supply line from the nipple of the nozzle assembly.
  6. Attach the water supply hose to the new sprayer.
    1. Note: When you attach the water line to the new nozzle assembly, be sure to seat the hose to the nipple securely before locking it down with the C-clip. I was too gentle the first go and no water was coming out of the sprayer.
  7. Attach the power line to the nozzle heater.
  8. When securing the new nozzle to the hood, angle the back end of the nozzle into the hood first and rock the front section into the hood to lock it into place. (You'll see why when you compare the front lock tabs to the rear ones)
You can adjust the height of the spray nozzles with a T-8 torx driver. WARNING: Watch the position of the nozzle while you are adjusting! Do not turn the adjuster any more when you visually see that the sprayer is at its highest position. There is no tactile feeling, bump, or resistance to let you know when to stop. It's just a plastic piece that instantly snaps at the end of the range which then allows the sprayer to freely move up and down . Ask me how I know...

One last thing: adjusting the sprayer nozzle to its uppermost position is not correct. It WILL just spray the hood.
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I got mine at Thanks for the Torx size. Like I said, I ruined one of mine by trying to adjust it with a small screwdriver. Don't. Were you able to adjust yours in place? It was a huge hassle adjusting my original nozzles. I would uninstall, guess at an adjustment, then reinstall... repeat indefinitely.

Part Number​
Part Name​
Audi A7 RS7 Heated Nozzle Right​

Subtotal: $27.72​
Estimated Shipping to 94010 via Standard Shipping: $8.72​
Tax: $2.67​
Total: $39.11​

Part Number Part Name Price Quantity Total
4G8-955-987-A AUDI A7 RS7 Drivers Heated Nozzle $27.72 1 $27.72
Subtotal: $27.72
Estimated Shipping to 94010 via Standard Shipping: $8.72
Tax: $2.67
Total: $39.11
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@icee & @bros225 I thank you both for taking the time to share all this information. I'll be sure to go through the entire process and will post back with my experiences. I may even put together a DIY with pictures and what not for the rest of the community. I'll read all this in detail and get started on the fix. Credit will be given of course.
@bros225 : I adjusted them exactly like you described. I didn't want to scratch the paint or damage the adjustment knob. PITA for sure.

@SirChargesAlot : credit for this install goes to the youtube videos of various people showing how to do it and someone on audizine for the confirmed part numbers that work. It'll be nice now that this info is on this forum now for any new "new to me" A3 E-tron owners!
... From the day I picked up the A3e, the front windshield wiper nozzles barely even hit the windshield, it has 3-4 very strong jet streams that totally miss the mark.
I just fixed my stock wiper nozzles on my 2016 for the second time since I got it in 2019. The small orifices had mineral build-up which clogged a couple of them, preventing any fluid from coming out. The first time, I removed the assemblies and cleaned in white vinegar. This time, I just got a small pin (the type that comes with new dress shirts) and used it to clean them out. I think I read somewhere that using a pin is not recommended, but maybe the risk is only if the pin is too large. The only problem with the pin was that it was a bit short but I somehow managed. Once I cleaned the orifices out, I went on to adjusting the angles.

Since the washer orifices are a ball and socket design, the spraying angle can be adjusted. Once I had the cleaning pin inserted, I was able to move them. This is where a longer pin* would have been handy. After a few trial-and-error tests, got them all (three per side) pointing in the right direction. (As to how the angles get out of adjustment, that remains a mystery to me).

*When I was first investigating the washer nozzle issue, I came across an official Audi tool that is used for alignment, but it was ~$100!
I have had to use a thin pin several times, too, on our 2017 A3 e-tron. I don’t understand why it doesn’t remain where I set it, but I am not spending lots of money to have our dealership replace the nozzles. Moving with the pin, and cleaning them, is annoying, but free, and it works.