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Follow-up to the "Chicken & Egg question" Was Audi the Engineering lead on the e-Tron - or VW with their Golf GTE?
I think this may be the answer - It is Audi. See this YouTube video - from 13 years ago - making the e-Tron a Show Concept model in 2111.

Audi shows petrol-electric A3 E-Tron Hybrid Concept in Shanghai
By Mike Hanlon April 20, 2011

Looks a lot like the styling cues on the Sportback - but on the sedan. And the interior is super Show stuff but we see the dash with Power Meter and other items that came to the A3 in 2014.

This article shares a lot that did Not make it to the production Sportback...

Audi A3 e-tron Concept​


Ah I completely forgot about the pure A3 EV prototype... But now that you mention it it makes sense that it was Audi that designed it. There was even a R8 full EV prototype for a while. This was during Audi's golden years.. Check out this awesome video: