What did you do with your E3 today?

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Dec 20, 2023
I thought a general check in thread would be cool.

What did you do to/on your E3 today? Take a trip? Just ride around?

Let us all know what you did, no matter how small.
I thought a general check in thread would be cool.

What did you do to/on your E3 today? Take a trip? Just ride around?

Let us all know what you did, no matter how small.
We only have 22K miles on our 2017 A3 Sportback e-tron. We have been battling Audi USA for years, first with support for installing a tow hitch on our A3 e-tron, which was approved in the owner's manual. We received more support from Audi Germany, but their wiring harness would not work in North America. We finally discovered Stealth Hitches, which created tow hitches for Audis, BMWs, and other vehicles similar.

We also are battling Audi USA concerning the decline in our all electric range, documenting that 3/4 of the time, we are between 40% and 70% actual range received, compared to what our screen states that we will get. When new, our screen showed 22-24 miles of expected range, though we usually gained about 21-22. Now our screen shows 19 miles expected range (remember, only 22K miles on our odometer, since we use our 2018 Tesla Model 3 for trips beyond our electric only range), but we are receiving significantly less than that.

When we contacted Audi USA about the loss of range, which is especially concerning, considering that we are only at 22K miles, and mentioned the 10 year 150K mile warranty for PHEVs in the state of California, Audi USA stated that they only do warranty work on battery packs if they fail to operate at all. They don't care about loss of range. Their suggestion was to "buy a new Audi".

Sorry, but we will likely NEVER buy another Audi, considering the multiple problems cropping up with the ID.3 in Europe, and the ID.4 in the USA, and how we have been treated by Audi USA after we made our purchase. Plus Tesla, Kia, Hyundai, Volvo, and Polestar are much better BEVs with better efficiency. It took Volvo and Polestar until 2023 models before their efficiency reached what we expected, but they are there now. Audi? Not even remotely better, especially since they are cutting back on production and NEVER brought out the A4 e-tron like they stated they would 3-4 years ago.
With nice weather over the past week I've done a light service of an oil & filter change, replaced the air filter, and replaced the cabin air filter.

I also opened the lower radiator hose to drain the coolant and then refilled with fresh 50/50 G13. Since I only got a little over 2 liters out of the system, I then drove around a bit (in sport mode to force the gas engine on) to circulate/mix the coolant and then I drained and refilled it again. Twice since then I've pumped out the overflow bottle and refreshed it. I figure I have about 40% new coolant and 60% old coolant in the system, though it is definitely cleaner looking that it was, and the corrosion inhibitors have to be at a higher level than they were.

Last maintenance item for the summer is a brake fluid flush, I'll probably get to that over the coming Independence Day holiday in the states.