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New member
Mar 22, 2024
Towanda, Pennsylvania
Hello. I'm a Audi fan for ten years but feel I made a tremendous mistake when we purchased a 2016 Audi A3 Sportback etron with 66k miles. After two months and around 2500 miles we parked the car due to the computer telling us the 2884 code is causing the vehicle to be inoperable. My research shows me the the issue is certainly not uncommon and very expensive to repair. I am contemplating selling the car at a huge loss because the repair seems to be cost prohibitive and not certain. It's a shame..loved the car prior to this issue. My last A4 Allroad was problem free well past the 125k mark and the new owner has had similar luck. Any ideas are appreciated and if interested in the car let me know.
The same thing happened to our car at right around the same mileage. The dealer replaced the mechatronics unit in the transmission. The cost of the job was $4500 but was covered under extended warranty. It seems the problem is typically a relatively inexpensive solenoid within the mechatronics system.
Since you bought the car recently, if from a dealer, perhaps it is covered by some sort of purchase warranty?
thanks for posting that video... seems like one of the internal mesh screens to catch debris broke loose and got sucked into the solenoid thus causing the ICE clutch to fail open... so no mention about whether any of these cars have had their regular 40K transmission oil changes done. my own car I had the DSG service done at 30K because I could already feel that the shifts were more noticeable... much smoother shifts after the service... I recommend it even if it may be a tad expensive...
That tracks with what DiagnosisDan said - they're seeing it frequently right around 100K km, apparently.
He makes the case that it might almost be preventative maintenance to change the filter screen "card" ahead of 100K km (62K miles) just to avoid the pricier option of screens plus solenoid (plus car being down for some time while you get those parts).

We're at ~75K km right now, so I have another year or two to consider that option, I guess.
Seems logical. An associated issue might be finding someone to do the work??? I'm in a very rural area of NW Pa. and will undoubtedly need to find someone reputable near a small city to do work. Then I'm curious whether they would do a rebuild on the Mechatronis or just replace the unit which seems to be what a ealer will do.
So after much consideration we are going to sell the A3 . Is there a classified thread/place to post vehicles for sale on this forum? I am located in NE Pa. but would like to car to be available to any takers. It was such a fun car before the failure.