Regen Brake Squeak Normal?

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New member
Apr 17, 2024
Sonoma County
I noticed my A3 E-Tron makes a repeatable 1 to 2 second squeaking sound from the front end when I'm slowing down from any speed above 40 mph. As I'm decelerating, I hear what sounds like a wet hand dragging across a clean plate of glass or similar in sound and duration to an electronic E-brake motor except with a clamping force squeak.

It happens if I'm regen braking or if I'm hard on the brakes. The sound always pops up around 38-42 mph while holding the brakes to decelerate. Deceleration is smooth as silk even as I hear the sound.

I'm wondering if this is a normal sound as the brakes transition from regen to the brake pads that all owners hear or is it a sound of impending repair doom?

Oh, this is a new to me 2018 car with 40k some odd miles on the ODO.